Descendants of the Curse

There isn’t much to do in a small town except exercise it’s ghosts, and there is only one place to do that. Isla and her friends, desperate for some excitement, head out to the old abandoned house where a previous classmate took her own life. They aren’t expecting much more than a few exchanged ghost stories, and they certainly aren’t prepared for another friend’s brutal demise or the unleashing of generations of secrets and lies onto the unsuspecting villagers.
Having recently returned to Prymoor after the tragic loss of her parents, Isla intends to finish her studies and abandon the sleepy village for good. But she and her friends find themselves struggling to survive the night. In a bid to right a wrong that was commited centuries ago, they have to fight against people they’ve known since birth and battle unseen forces pushing them even closer to exhaustion but they can’t give in to it, death is waiting to greet them in their dreams. In order to save Prymoor, Isla has to pair up with Aaron McCarthy, one of the most hated and feared residents in the village. The tension between them reaches its boiling point as they go up against their deepest fears and learn that their roots run far deeper than they ever thought.

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