Shadow Chasers

For as long as she can remember, Skylar has seen them; The Shadow Men. Distorted featureless faces with elongated gnarled hands waiting for her in the absence of light. She’s always been very careful to keep them at bay. Lava lamps, torches and even illuminated watch dials are her arsenal against them, until one night when she drops her guard.
Her friend is devoured before her eyes, and a bright light explodes from her sister Amelia’s palms, destroying not only the shadow men, but the house as well.
Packed off to their aunts in the town of Westmoor, Skylar is furious that her sister has kept this secret from her, and to make matters worse Amelia is denying all knowledge of it, until the shadow chasers enter their lives. Hot as Hell and arrogant to the core, they inform the sisters that they are descended from a powerful being, one that is hunting them and destroying anything that gets in the way. Skylar and Amelia are plunged into a world of darkness where the shadow men are just a drop in the ocean. A portal has been opened and only they can close it, but the price is far higher than they can imagine. 
Pitted against each other and tricked beyond despair, Skylar no longer knows who to trust as the power of the darkness draws her deeper into its depths, but there is one person who is keeping her anchored.
Asher is all that she wants, but he is insistent that he won’t complete the bond that they share, sending Skylar further into despair. He fights beside her, urging Skylar to close the portal and banish the darkness forever, but his very presence is causing her own darkness to build inside. Can she remain strong? Or will she allow it to consume her, relishing the power it delivers, until it destroys the world as we know it.

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