The King of Darkness

Eloise is trapped in a life full of misery with an abusive husband who is hellbent on breaking her spirit completely. She dreams of a saviour, a knight in shining armour who will whisk her away. But when he finally appears, is he there to save her? Or bring her further into the depths of hell?
Her dark knight has gifted her with unfamiliar powers and reveals a heritage that she knew nothing about, but instead of the fairytale life that she has been dreaming about, this new life is filled with darkness and creatures that belong in nightmares and there’s no waking up from it.
Enemies and allies appear to be drawn to her like a magnet with the exception of her destined mate, but he is no ordinary being, he is the king of darkness and more powerful than any creature to have ever walked the earth. He goes to great lengths to fight against the bond that binds them together leaving Eloise feeling rejected and wondering whether she will ever find happiness.
Desperately seeking freedom from the betrayal and cruel world that she has fallen into, Eloise will stop at nothing to free herself from the dark realm, including risking her own life to achieve it.

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