Should I?

So you’ve seen the books, read the blurb and the reviews and are still undecided. Let me help you out. The Twisted Bloodlines series are my first ever publications and probably the most controversial of my work. The title is a big give away and reviews will tell you as much, but the fact remains that they are works of fiction. The characters are animals though appear human and the laws of the animal kingdom are fully at play. I’m going to touch on some of the reviews for example ‘a weak female lead’ which may seem true to some, but in fact if you complete the series you will find that she isn’t actually the lead. Next would be ‘erotica at its best’ now while there are sexual scenes, some rough (again, they are animals) and even a comparison to fifty shades (no comparison at all by the way. No idea how they even came up with that!) the series does not fall into that category. Also my favourite, ‘torture porn’ which I will point out again, animals are wild it is what it is, perhaps I should have added a little face licking first. Just because there are rough sexually explicit scenes, doesn’t make it porn.

The title ‘Horror story’ has also been thrown about. It’s not a horror story, thriller yes, but not what I would class as ‘horror’. And as for being geared at teenagers, definitely not. These books are for an adult audience only. Most laughable is being compared to ‘Twilight’ the only comparison is that wolves feature in the books.

Intense, fast paced, action packed, twists and turns, kept on the edge of your seat and not for the squeamish are all mentioned in the reviews, and all are true. Twisted Bloodlines is risque and must be read with an open mind. I suggest you read the whole series to get the bigger picture, as I mentioned, all is not what it seems. There are major plot twists which aren’t apparent from reading the first book, and the rest of the books are somewhat tamer compared to the first, but it was crucial to the plot to give you the feeling of just how evil someone can be.

Despite some negative reviews (which still earned stars, and the book was finished so it can’t have been that bad) Twisted Bloodlines is an exciting, fast paced thriller. I sought opinions of publishers and other authors before putting it out there, so if you like intense, heart skipping steamy scenes and an enemy to truly hate, then go ahead and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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