A very different world

Two women, one trying to come to terms with the death of her parents, and the other living a life of domestic abuse find themselves thrown into a world where the sun never shines and strange creatures lurk around every corner.

The first book introduces Camilla who came home one night to find her parents butchered in their bed, or were they? Thinking that life couldn’t get much worse than drowning in the debt of her passing parents, she is thrust into something far worse. Life as she knew it had been a web of lies, revealing that she is a Guardian and her mission is to kill Marcel, a Kitsune, alongside an army made up of supernatural beings. Yeah right! She doesn’t even know what a Kitsune is! Camilla has no intention of living this fantasy and fights to return to her depressing, but normal dreary life but to no avail. Stuck with arrogant shifters , and the creepy undead, Camilla tries and continually fails to be the Guardian she is destined to be. She is drawn to Maddox, but destined for another, though she would rather be a million miles away from Riley, the leader of this disasterous mission.

The second book introduces Eloise. She has spent years under her husbands control in a never ending turmoil of abuse. She envisions his death in many ways but her wish never comes true, until one night when she begs for her own death. Eloise has called upon the dark realm and Drake comes to grant her wish but not in the way she had expected. Literally making a deal with the devil, Eloise finds herself transformed into a demon and transported off into a world of darkness. Yes, she is finally free from her husband, but this world is far more terrifying. Eloise is desperate to find a way back to the light, even enlisting the help of creatures she never knew existed, but then her plan to finally be free of the nightmare has been torn to shreds when she finds herself drawn to none other than the king of darkness and her heart won’t let her leave.

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