When the lights go out

Twin sisters Skylar and Amelia couldn’t be any more different. Skylar is an introvert while Amelia is an extrovert and delights in dragging her sister along with her, but there’s something more. Skylar sees shadow men, she has done for as long as she can remember but her sister doesn’t share her vision, or so she thought. They went to a party where Skylar thought she was finally going to get to kiss her first crush only to see him devoured before her very eyes by the shadow men. Amelia, hearing her cries came bursting into the room where a bolt of light shot from her palm incinerating the shadow man and setting the room ablaze. Traumatised, yet furious that her sister has hidden abilities just like her, they find themselves at the mercy of the local law enforcement for suspected arson and bailed to their aunts house.

Arriving at their aunts house in a run down town which is a far cry from the lavish lifestyle the sisters are used to, Amelia wastes no time in making her mark on the community leaving Skylar cringing in her wake, but that is the least of her worries. The shadow men have followed her here and Skylar finds herself taking a leaf out of her sister’s book and drawing attention to herself. Asher and Alec find her terrified but bravely searching for a man who had fell victim to the shadow men. She can’t tell them what she saw, being committed to the asylum is not on her to-do list, but they humour her flimsy excuse and help in the search. Asher does nothing to hide his hostility toward her, and his questions are making her nervous. Having not found the man, Skylar tries her best to avoid the pair but it seems that every time she turns around, Asher is there watching her.

People have started to go missing and Skylar suspects that the shadow men are responsible, she tries to convince her sister to do something, but she is far too busy wooing what’s left of the male population to even care.

Things go from bad to worse when Skylar is drawn to an old antique pendant which oddly glows whenever the shadow men appear, but when Asher notices her new purchase, he reveals that he is a Shadow Chaser and her presence is not wanted there. He insists she must leave town or face dire consequences. Breaking her bail conditions and being confined to a cell is something she has no intention of doing. As tensions run high, Skylar soon learns that the shadow men are the least of her worries and her presence will either be their downfall or their salvation.

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