Spooky tale

Isla and her friends are bored. Its a small scenic village and the only entertainment is fishing at the lake. There has only ever been one incident that required the handful of police officers the town has, and that was the suicide of a young girl who lived in the old house on the edge of the village. The old house which is now apparently haunted. The girls father took his own life after the death of his daughter but not before leaving a note, vowing to avenge his daughters death on those who caused it.

The town is said to hold an ancient curse, one that forbids the villagers from leaving, and any outsider that stumbles across this quaint village does so at their own peril. Isla and her friends dismissed this legend a long time ago as nothing but folklore, their parents never spoke about it, and though they haven’t actually left the village yet, Isla is living proof that it is nothing more than a tall tale since she only moved there a few years ago to live with her grandparents after the death of her parents.

One night, they decide to take a trip out to the house, Ouija board in hand while they reveal their deepest fears to each other, but then it all goes horribly wrong. They awaken the old mans spirit and he claims his first victim, leaving the others fleeing for their lives. But they have left him an opening and he’s coming for them in their dreams using their fears against them. The next day Isla awakens to find that two of her friends have died in the night, leaving the rest of them terrified to sleep, but the worse is yet to come when the villagers begin to turn on them, seemingly possessed by some unknown force.

Hunted down at every corner they strive to find a way to end this and Isla soon finds out that she has unleashed more than just the old man. Her grandparents tell her the real story behind the curse of the village, it was a war between the people, and the travellers that came to settle and wanted to take over the town. The spirits of the travellers are hot on their tail and its down to Isla to raise her ancestors to help her put things right.

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